A year passed since the launch of TWOOWT Skis, and we have done quite a few. But the main fruit of all our efforts is a street film, which was shot from January to June 2018. We hope you enjoy watching #фильмСРОСТ!

Produced by Sergey Agapov

Directed by Dmitriy Makrushin and Boris Gaisner

Skiing by Vadim Rudakov, Alexander Penderev, Dmitriy Makrushin and friends

Shot January-June 2018 on locations Novosibirsk, Divnogorsk, Akademgorodok, Moscow, Polyarnye Zori, Kirovsk

Principal cinematography by Boris Gaisner
Additional cinematography by Alexander Penderev, Vladimir Melekhin, Denis Grigoryev and Andrew Brodach
Editing by Boris Gaisner and Dmitriy Makrushin

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