The way from idea to the birth of TWOOWT took many winters, but in 2010 we seriously thought about our own russian ski brand. We started from professional level skiboard production.
TWOOWT is a family, and we combine forces making it really strong. Many great people joined us on the way: professional and amateur riders, artists, filmers from different parts of our country. There are kids in every family, and we're always happy to support our youngest most promising skiers. We believe, that TWOOWT with it's love for skiing will give more positive to all - adults and kids!
TWOOWT Fam members constantly participate in contests, film video and test the future ski prototypes on street rails and deep snow. In the Fam everyone aim for maximum output from every ski model and actively exchange information about pros and cons of any production decision we collectively make. We study all facts, draw conclusions and improve the construction, choosing only the most trusted material and technology.
Every ski line from TWOOWT is a quintessence of talents from the whole family. We are powered by ambition to make skis, that can be trusted, putting all our strength, skill and knowledge into the product, that we use ourselves.
Our family is expanding rapidly, and you can already meet us in every corner of the world, be it ski slopes of Russia, mountains of snowy Japan, best parks of EU and USA or basicly any street spot of a big megacity.

We are TWOOWT, welcome to our Family!